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LVS Brokers is a fintech company that has developed an AI-based brokering technology platform and provides brokering services in the financial industry, e.g. to banks and lenders.

About our technology

+5 000 000 000 €

loan application volume

500 000



financial institutions using the Money API

LVS Brokers delivers more business for banks and other companies and it saves time and money for corporate and consumer customers.

It all started when the founders of LVS Brokers noticed how much money can be saved simply by comparing different banking and insurance service providers. They also noticed how time consuming it was to find the most suitable service provider. It was difficult to compare and also determine if the chosen service provider was the right one. Not to mention the cost of making the wrong choice. They decided to change this, and develop technology that could help them save precious time and money.

Why choose us?


As our customer you will find the most suitable service provider and save money through our services. As our partner you only pay for results.


Super easy to use, as it should be. A sublime customer experience is what we’re here for. We make buying and selling services online easier than it has ever been!


You will find the best service provider fast without having to ask for offers from dozens of providers. Why take all that time when you can get the results you want in an instant?

Get to know our services

Consumers and corporates find the best service providers for their needs through our brands, and providers benefit from lower customer acquisition costs. Our services range from banking and insurance to electricity and real estate agents.

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