LVS Brokers Fintech - AI based brokering technology
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AI-based brokering - connecting banks, lenders & insurers to consumers

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+5 000 000 000 €

loan application volume

500 000



financial institutions using the Money API

Delivering more business to financial organizations - Saving time and money for corporate and consumer customers.

The goal of LVS Brokers?

To make financial services and brokering easy. LVS Brokers uses an AI-based technology to

• Deliver more business to banks, lenders & insurers
• Help consumers find better financial solutions
• Offer white-label partnership opportunities for publishers, e-commerce, and online brands

Basically, we help consumers and banks to find each other the best possible match. More business for service providers, and more savings on time and money for consumers.

We work through our own interface The Money API

Everything we do is done by our Money API, which is an interface designed to connect financial service providers with risk-free customer acquisition channels. LVS Brokers partners up with banks and creditors to offer consumers leading brokering technology, in finance, insurance and electricity. We offer banks a chance to enhance their revenue by increasing their number of clients, with consumers directed from our services. By being a partner of LVS Brokers, banks and creditors increase their business without any effort, while we our services do all the talking.

More business, more savings

It all started when the founders of LVS Brokers noticed how much money can be saved simply by comparing different banking and insurance service providers. They also noticed how time consuming it was to find the most suitable service provider. It was difficult to compare and determine if the chosen service provider was the right one. Not to mention the cost of making the wrong choice. They decided to change this, and develop technology that could help them save precious time and money.

Today we operate in Finland and Poland, tomorrow we'll conquer the rest of the world!

This is how we do it


As a consumer you’ll find the most suitable service provider for your needs while saving time and money. More choices to choose from with better financial solutions.

Banks & Insurers

As our partner you increase your business by acquiring more customers. We direct the customers to you, and you only pay for the results.


Grow your business with our White-Label solution. Risk-free model, fully automated process and
advanced analytics tools. This is what you get by partnering up with us.

Get to know our services

Consumers and corporates find the best service providers for their needs through our brands, and providers benefit from lower customer acquisition costs. Our services range from banking and insurance to electricity and real estate agents.

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