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LVS Brokers Oy celebrates its 5-year landmark and the opening of the new Turku office

At the beginning of March, on Thursday 1.3, LVS Brokers Oy hosted a 5-year birthday celebration for its clients and partners, while also welcoming them to the new office in Turku.

LVS Brokers Oy takes part in OP Lab’s Open Banking event with other start-ups

LVS Brokers Oy was one of the 12 start-ups selected to attend the OP Lab’s Open Banking Startup Partnership Program, on 6.-9.3. This was OP Lab’s fifth Startup Partnership Program event, to bring together fresh…

Tekes’ Young Innovative Company funding to LVS Brokers Oy

Tekes’ Young Innovative Company has granted LVS Brokers Oy a funding for maintaining and developing its global growth. With this funding LVS Brokers Oy can develop its international growth in global market, along with strengthening…

January brings a new office to Turku along with new employees

First week at the new office of LVS Brokers Oy in Turku is behind us. The new office is located right next to the Marketplace, in the center of Turku.

LVS Brokers is a proud sponsor of Fintech Insiders Live! event during Slush 2017

LVS Brokers Oy took part in Slush 2017, which was this year arranged on 30.11.-1.12. Within Slush 2017, LVS Brokers Oy contributed in organizing the Fintech Insiders Live!- event, together with OP Lab, Accenture, Visa,…

LVS Brokers Oy takes part in Google Finance 2017 in Dublin

In October LVS Brokers Oy took part in an event organized by Google, in Dublin, Ireland. The Google Finance 2017 was organized on 10.-11.10.2017, in the Dublin based The Foundry innovation center.

LVS Brokers Oy attends MoneyConf 2017 in Madrid

LVS Brokers Oy attends MoneyConf 2017 in Madrid On 6.-7.6.2017 LVS Brokers Oy attended the annual MoneyConf event, which was this year organized in Madrid, Spain. MoneyConf is an international event bringing together world’s leading…

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