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We are the ones who connect consumers and financial organizations


+5 000 000 000 €

loan application volume

500 000



financial institutions using the Money API

We deliver new customers to our corporate clients by making the customers' financial solutions easier.

LVS Brokers is one of the leading brokering services in Finland, developing brokering technology for financial solutions, electricity, and insurance services. Our goal is to connect customers with the right financial providers, insurers, banks, and creditors. We are the ones who can help lenders acquire more customers, and consumers find the best financial solutions. As a startup company, we also focus on development and growth, with our technology-based solutions. So far LVS Brokers has active brokering services in Finland and Poland, and we aim to extend our business to other Nordic countries in the near future.

Our company is based on technology, with the help of IRMELI

Our AI platform Irmeli was created way back in 2013, and it has since developed to be the backbone of LVS Brokers. The artificial intelligence has made it possible for us to connect consumers with the right financial providers, making our services fast, effortless, and reliable. Our technology keeps constantly developing for better, to guarantee our customers the best possible platform for their needs.

How can you benefit from our business?

What do you need? More customers, a white-label solution, or a partnership in e-commerce? We have it. We offer partnerships for new possible financial providers, insurers, banks and creditors. We are also keen on forming partnerships with different publishers, for example on e-commerce, or possible white-label partnership. If you are interested in working with us on the ground level, feel free to send in your applications since we are always on the lookout for more talents. Choose your path and find out more!


It all started with 3 guys and an excel sheet. Founders wanted to develop an easy way to compare different financial services to each other.


AI Irmeli is born. AI platform Irmeli was created, and the business started to take its form.


Scaling up in Finland. The revenue of LVS Brokers in 2018 was 8,9 M€. Our services also opened in Poland in 2018. The conquest of Europe is on its way!

PL 644, FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland