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LVS Brokers helps consumers and providers come together to find the best solutions for their individual needs.


+5 000 000 000 €

loan application volume

500 000



financial institutions using the Money API

The services LVS Brokers provides help consumers to find the best help for their individual needs, while also delivering new customers to our corporate clients.

The idea for LVS Brokers was born when its founders noticed how much money you can save by comparing different financial and insurance services. They soon noticed how time consuming this was, and how much effort it took to compare every available service. It also required a lot of knowledge to understand everything the service providers were saying. Many of the services also didn’t actually correspond with what they were advertising to provide, and many times customers were paying for nothing. Thus LVS Brokers was born, to help people find the best service for every individual need, saving people’s time and money.

Finding the best service for your own needs is slow and takes a lot of work. The technology of LVS Brokers helps consumers and corporates find the best options for their own individual needs quickly, and safely.

Using the entirely free service has been made as easy and simple as possible. The initial ideas implemented on Excel sheets have now been replaced by new cutting edge technology. These days LVS Brokers uses heuristics and machine learning engineering in its services, thriving and developing every day.


As our customer you will find the most suitable service provider and save money through our services. As our partner you only pay for results.


Super easy to use, as it should be. A sublime customer experience is what we’re here for. We make buying and selling services online easier than it has ever been!


You will find the best service provider fast without you having to ask for offers from dozens of providers. Why take all that time when it can happen in an instant?

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