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Employee introduction: Lead Software Architect Juhani


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Employee introduction: Lead Software Architect Juhani

Name Juhani Hakala

Job title Lead Software Architect

Juhani takes care of LVS Brokers’ technical development and design. His work assignments focus on sustaining and maintaining old systems and structures, and developing new ones. Juhani is comprehensively in charge of technical software development, and works as the main architect of the company’s system. His work also includes maintaining servers and supervising them.

Juhani has an education with Bachelor of Business Administration focusing on information studies, and he has also done studies in business- and humanistic studies. Juhani spends his free time playing pool, and going to the gym.

How long have you worked for LVS Brokers? 

  • From August 2017, so a little over a year.

How did you end up working with the company?

  • It’s a bit funnier story. My friend asked me for a lunch and started to chat about how I liked my current job. After three hours I got a draft of a work contract in Facebook. I used to work before as a sale’s developer, so it was quite different from what I do now. The good thing in my current work is that I get to develop company’s own products, and there are no strict limits on time or budgets, like external customer projects can have. 

What are the best things in your job?

  • Well there are a few aspects to this. As a work place, the best part are the people, the relaxed culture of the company, and the flexibility of a small company. From a technical aspect this job is professionally the biggest challenge for myself. I am entirely responsible for developing and designing a new server. This is the biggest sample of work in my life so far. 

How LVS Brokers differs from other companies?

  • With flexibility! The work environment and the work culture definitely separate the company from previous work places. LVS Brokers has a low and almost non existent bureaucracy, that makes it possible for the company to acquire different tools, and arrange training very easily. 

What would you like to say to people who consider applying to work for LVS Brokers?

  • Especially for the technical side; you get to have nice work assignments, and the projects are intereting. Lots of things to learn for juniors and challenges for seniors. Both roles give changes to display, design and fulfill your own skills in different projects. Colleagues are nice people and everyone is listened to, and everyone gets to develop their own work, while also improving the whole business. This implies to all people working t the company, whether you work at the technical side, or in other work assignments. The aim of LVS Brokers is to always make its employees feel like they are an important part of the company. 

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