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Employee introduction: Poland's Country Manager Pawel


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January's employee introduction: Poland's Country Manager Pawel

Name Paweł Piotrowski

Job title Country Manager of Poland

Pawel is LVS Brokers’ country manager in Poland, where we opened our business in the late 2018. He is introducing LVS Brokers to Poland and giving the company a smooth entrance to the Polish market.

Pawel’s job focuses on forming partnerships with Polish banks and lenders. His daily schedule consists of negotiating profitable deals, and following the market and its changes. Pawel’s office is located in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, but he also visits our offices in Finland from time to time. In his free time he enjoys sports, such as football, MMA, tennis etc. Pawel is greatly interested in good movies, music, and reading articles about people’s experiences with alternative ways of passive income. He also always makes sure to put his family and friends first, since a great career would be nothing without them.

How did you end up working with LVS Brokers?

  • I was found on LinkedIn based on my previous experience. I have a background in sales and operations management on financial market so I was a good fit. I believe people should always stay open for opportunities and when I was told about this particular one and when I went through the company’s profile, I knew that this is the place for me. I had a nice Skype interview during my honeymoon and after that I was invited to meet our CEO in person. One word to another and here I am.

How long have you been working with LVS Brokers?

  • I started in October 2018 so not so long ago, but like never before I am certain that it was a good choice.

What’s the best thing about your job?

  • I like challenges and being responsible, and my position is exactly like this. Also, besides using my experience, I can develop myself faster than ever. This gives me the sense of fulfilment. LVS has put a lot of trust in me, and now it’s time for repayment.

How does LVS Brokers differ from other workplaces and employees?

  • I will start with the onboarding here! After the first 5 days of being in the company I really felt like I am part of the team. Great team with fascinating people. Everybody has positive approaches and are experts in their field. Another thing is values! Long story short – keep it professional and get shit done. It is simple and effective. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

What is it like working with a Finnish company? Are there any big differences in the Finnish and Polish way of working?

  • Oh yes, there are differences. There are obvious facts like legal differences that both sides need to learn, but there are also differences in bureaucracy. I don’t know why but in Poland we like to complicate stuff. Signing a deal takes way longer than in Finland. There are way more documents and even more people have to sign them. In Finland you can seal a deal with a handshake. Of course I am exaggerating but that is the feeling.

What would you like to say to people who are considering applying to work with LVS Brokers?

  • Hurry up! Opportunities like this don’t grow on trees. Grab it and use it!

Do you have what it takes to work with us?

We are always on the lookout for new talents. Check out our open positions or send us an open application through our Career-site.

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