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FinAdtech Barcelona ´19


+5 000 000 000 €

loan application volume

500 000



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LVS Brokers at FinAdtech Barcelona ´19

LVS Brokers was one of the sponsors for  FinAdtech Barcelona ´19!

FinAdtech, the largest international marketing conference in the financial sector, organized by LeadGid, was organized for the first time in Spain, on the 11-12th of November. 

The conference always takes place in different places of Europe, gathering together leading representatives of the financial sector: banks, IFIs, fintech companies and major affiliates. This year’s conference included +30 countries participating countries, and +500 fintech representatives. 

The city of Barcelona offered the conference a beautiful setting for two, programme-filled days. The conference included numerous different speakers on topics such as, building a fintech ecosystem, the rise of P2P in fintechs, and growing your business with Google Ads networks, just to name a few.

LVS Brokers was one of the sponsors for Barcelona’s conference, and of course one of the attendees. Thank you for the amazing event, we’ll see you at the next one!

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