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LVS Brokers attended the Google Cloud Region opening in Finland


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On 6.9.2018 LVS Brokers took part in the opening event for Finland’s Google Cloud Platform. In June Google opened its Cloud Platform (GCP) -service in Finland, the first Nordic country to have such a data center. The event included different seminars and content for many different positions in a corporation, including developers, sales persona, partners, and leaders. 

After the opening ceremony and speeches the event gave an excellent chance to share everyone’s experiences in cloud services. The rest of the day was paced with seminars on the subject of building a comprehensive ensemble of services, for different use and users. 

During the day the whole ensemble of Google Cloud Platform was introduced to the attenders of the event. This included GCP’s file- and project structures, user rights, information security, and monitoring. The event wanted to highlight how to use and benefit GCP in enterprise organizations, and how to transform old IT- infrastructure to fit in to GCP. The speed and coherence of GCP with installations, updating, maintenance and monitoring was also very much emphasized in the event. 

At the beginning of the event the advantages of using a hybrid modeled cloud service were discussed. This refers to all the good sides of decentralizing services among different suppliers. Concrete examples were used to go through different scenarios of using the Google Cloud entirely or in parts to give companies more value in their actions and services.

Selecting the right cloud service to fit the company’s environment was also discussed. The right cloud service can help the company to fill the requirements it has set up for itself. Design Thinking Framework was also discussed, centering around different techniques that can be used to provide new ideas and to test different concepts before the final launch of the product. Artificial intelligence and engineering were also topics of discussion, and they were brought up with different concrete examples and services offered by Google, to help include artificial intelligence in different companies, no matter how little or much the company has already engaged with the topic.

One of the main themes of discussion was BigQuery, along with engineering. The focus was on using the service and how to deal with different types of use with limited resources. An interesting example of a demo was used, that dealt with Helsinki city bikes and weather information from Google services. The discussion was summed up in three questions:

  1. How the databases of tens of millions records can move in just a few seconds?
  2. How easily can the ML-language of BigQuery be learned?
  3. How this language can be used to create, review and foresee different models?

The development and spreading of technology, tools, and organization’s engineering department was also discussed in the event. The main goal is to get the documentation, and the information on different versions in projects to be available for other departments as well, and not just the engineering department.

As an enterprise that is growing fast, the themes discussed in the event are very important and current for LVS Brokers, whose activity in Finland and in other countries is growing continually. LVS Brokers focuses on developing both the services of the company and the relationships with clients to be the best possible, while also providing a work place for employees that is different and better from everyone else.

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