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LVS Brokers part of Fintech Insider Live! event at Slush 2018


+5 000 000 000 €

loan application volume

500 000



financial institutions using the Money API

The annual startup event Slush was again held in Helsinki, on 4.-5.12.2018. In accordance to last year, LVS Brokers again teamed up with OP Lab, Visa and Holvi, to bring together a side event Fintech Insider Live! This year the event was held at the historical venue of old Pasila locomotive halls. 

Slush is a legendary place for investors and startups to meet, connect, and forge alliances. The event is also held in the darkest time of the year, bringing light and energy to the fintech world. LVS Brokers took part in the event as an attendee for the whole two days, as well as an organizer on the first day, teaming up with OP Lab on Fintech Insider Live! side event. The event, just like Slush itself, was all about connecting the investors to different startups, and bringing together people from all around the world.

Fintech Insider Live! featured industry professionals in an episode of 11FS’s Live! podcast, hosted by Jason Bates, David M. Brear and Sarah Kocianski. Visa also held its Everywhere Initiative finals, with startups attending from all over Europe. The event was all about discovering new business opportunities in a laid-back atmosphere, with talented people all around Europe giving the attendees inspiration to succeed.

One of the themes of Slush 2018 was “best kept secrets”. The focus was on companies invisible forces, who make everything happen and keep everything running. This year one of the main focuses was also on matchmaking, and making it available for everyone. The matchmaking of Slush is a way to pitch your idea to the right investor, and forging important business alliances. Creative was also one of the main themes of 2018, focusing on the relationship of technology and creativity.




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