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LVS Brokers sponsoring national student event ATK-YTP


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ATK-YTP is one of the biggest, if not the biggest student event for IT-students in Finland. This year the event was held in Turku, hosted and organized by the student association Asteriski. LVS Brokers was one of the sponsors of the event that brings together students from seven universities all over the country.

The two-day event was held on 17.-18.10.2018, including different seminars, networking, and lots of laid-back socializing in an unique atmosphere. ATK-YTP brings together hundreds of students from different universities in Finland, making the event one of the most popular ones every year. The organizing city changes every year, from another university city to another.

LVS Brokers partnered up with the student association Asteriski and acted as one of the sponsors of the event. Asteriski is a student organization for students in computer science, in the University of Turku. The organization has been active since 1972, and today has over 400 hundred student members. By partnering up with Asteriski we get a change to see into the field of computer science, from a student’s perspective. Collaborations with student organizations are useful for both parties to better communicate, and forge important connections.





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