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Our platform growing in Poland


+5 000 000 000 €

loan application volume

500 000



financial institutions using the Money API

Our platform growing in Poland

Our brand in Poland,, has been steadily growing since its release at the end of 2018, developing and forming into a successful financial services comparison platform. The number of our partners has grown rapidly from what it was about six months ago, as has the number of consumers who have used the platform for financial comparison services.

Digital financial services are making their way into the Polish financial market, and LVS Brokers is one of the leading forces. LVS Brokers and one of our main partners in Poland, Fellow Finance, were also interviewed by Helsinki Fintech Guide on the success we’ve achieved in the Polish market so far. They quoted our business in Poland as follows:

The new tools are making it faster to
compare and sell different kinds of finan‐
cial products from credit cards to
mortgages. Finnish brokers and crowd
financiers have made it in Poland.

“—– larger investments in sales and marketing
are necessary, but when service portfolios
have no redundancies, and internalization
mindsets match, anything is possible.

Our partners in Poland vary from smaller businesses to international ones. Together with the Money API they form a base for the whole platform of to work.

This is our country manager in Poland, Pawel! He’s job focuses on forming partnerships with Polish banks and lenders, continuing LVS Brokers’ smooth entrance to the Polish market. You can read more about his work in Poland from here. 

Want to know more about the Money API?

Everything we do in Poland, and in Finland, is handled by the Money API, which is our interface to connect consumers and companies to each other. Check it out here!

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