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Our services help consumers and corporates find the best solutions for their individual needs.


+4 000 000 000 €

loan application volume

400 000



finance institutions using the platform through API

We help consumers and corporates find the best services for their own individual needs, while also helping our providers get new clients efficiently, and without any risk.

The goal of our company is to help consumers and corporates find the best service providers for their individual needs. By doing this, we also help the service providers, e.g. banks and other companies to get more customers, so they can thrive and grow their own business. We broker many different services: from loans and electricity to real estate agencies. Everything is done by customers simply filling a form with their needs, and then our artificial intelligence does the rest, searching and connecting the best results for every individual.

The banks and other companies cooperating with us as our clients can count on getting new customers through us, efficiently and quickly. Our goal is to make our services as easy as they can be, while still getting the best possible results. allows you to find the best mortgage with one application. The service is meant for consumers.


A consumer can use Välittäjä to find the best real estate agent for him. helps small and middle sized businesses find the most suitable loan for their financing needs.


Sähkö helps consumers and small businesses find the right electricity contract. helps consumers find the most suitable loan solution for them.