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Teaming up for beer tasting with the student organization Asteriski 


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Teaming up for beer tasting with the student organization Asteriski

On the last day of January, LVS Brokers teamed up again with the student organization Asteriski ry, to engineer an event of beer tasting! 

On the 31st of January a group of students got together with some representatives of LVS Brokers, to attend a beer tasting at the famous brewery-restaurant Koulu, in Turku. Beer tasting was held by a professional brewer, who instructed everyone on the secrets of brewing and enjoying a good beer.

The event was organized together with the student organization Asteriski, targeting the networking connections between the two parties. Our company is technology driven, and basically built on code. This means LVS Brokers is always on the lookout for bright new talents, especially in the field of computer programming. Teaming up with Asteriski is a great way of networking and connecting to future’s next big talents.

The event was organized mainly for computer science students, who are represented by the organization Asteriski in the University of Turku. The organization has over 300 active members, making it one of the most noted and social organizations for students in the field. LVS Brokers has teamed up with the organization before as well, sponsoring the national student event ATK-YTP. 

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