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500 000



financial institutions using the Money API

Partnership that makes a difference

Effortless white-label solution for your brand

Are you interested in partnering up with a leading brokerage technology company? With our turnkey solution, our white-label partners get a chance to grow and expand into new heights. On average, the returns of our White Label partners have grown more than 30% after partnering with us.

Risk-free model: No fixed fees, as you get a fair commission based on results. When you shine, we shine!

Fully automated process: Just connect to our smart brokerage platform via the Money API, and we take care of the rest.

Advanced analytics tool: We offer our partners an advanced analytics tool to follow and improve your performance.

White-Label partnership examples

As one of the leading brokerage technology companies, LVS Brokers offers white-label partnership opportunities for publishers, e-commerce, and online brands. So far our business stretches from Finland to Poland, and in the near future we expand to other European countries. For us it's important to grow hand in hand with our partners. As our partner you get the possibility to be among the first ones to expand into new markets and verticals, like electricity, mortgages, and insurances.

Comparison Sites

As our white-label partner you collect applications through your sites, which our AI processes. We then deliver the applications to the banks and lenders partnered with us, who in turn send their offers to the applicants. As our white label partner, you get a fair commission of the paid out loan amount for bringing us and our partners new business.


Become our partner in e-commerce by embedding our loan comparison tool to your site. This is a great way to offer your clients a versatile financing solution for their purchases. When a loan is paid out to the customer acquired from your site, you get rewarded with a fair commission.

Online brands and media

Looking for ways to monetize your traffic? You can connect our services to be a part of your brand or media site, for example a news site or a discussion forum. We offer you a partnership with a fair commission and an access to our leading brokerage platform in finance, insurance, and electricity.

Our partners

These represent some of the banks and lenders that LVS Brokers already works with. The number of lenders has already grown into +30 banks and non-banking lenders in Europe, and we continue to seek out for more quality partners to work with in the future. In addition to these, we also work with a variety of insurance and electricity companies. For you as a white-label partner this means the ready availability of top-notch solutions to your audience.
Credit 24
Fellow Finance
Ferratum Money
Bank Norwegian
Avida Finans
Collector Bank
GF Money
Komplett Bank
Nordax Bank
Resurs Bank

Our technology

LVS Brokers provides services topped with a healthy amount of artificial intelligence saving time and money for buyers and sellers.

We have created an artificial intelligence platform to help us with matching the right customer with the right service provider, to make our customers’ lives easier. The process always starts with a consumer filling an application on our website which is then processed by our artificial intelligence. We check the customer’s credit info and then send the applications to banks and lenders. From there banks can make their own loan offers to the customers. We deliver the offers to the customer, who can then make their own decision on which loan they decide to take.

Our artificial intelligence IRMELI (Intelligent Robot Methodically Evaluating Loan Inputs) collects and processes an unbelievable amount of data to help our customers find the best solutions for their problem. IRMELI was born in 2013 and has since helped in conveying hundreds of thousands of consumer loans. IRMELI is the result of a long development process, and its efficiency still keeps developing, beating the best version of itself over and over again. Since 2018 IRMELI has also helped LVS Brokers to expand its business in Poland, where our services will be launched in the near future.

Information Security

Security is a key factor in the financial field. One of our most important tasks is to secure the safety of all of our services. Our partnerships with banks and lenders as well as relationships with customers are all based on trust and security.

Information security is very important for us since we want to make the partnerships we have as safe and trustworthy as possible. We have effective data management systems, as required by the GDPR, and our services work through a secure API. We also conduct third-party penetration testing on a regular basis.