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LVS Brokers expands its Brokerage Platform to Denmark

Despite the prevailing exceptional times during the past six months, LVS Brokers continues its growth journey. Just before the summer vacations we announced the news of extending our distribution technology on insurance and gaining a…

LVS Brokers extending distribution technology on insurance

While the Financial Times recognized LVS Brokers for being the 5th fastest growing fintech company in Europe earlier this year, we were already pursuing new opportunities. As of now, LVS Brokers is a full-time insurance…

Employee introduction: Front end developer Aino

Employee introduction: Front end developer Aino Name Aino Suomela Job title Front end developer Aino works as a front end developer, which includes everything from front end design to actual implementations. She also does other…

LVS Brokers rising on the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest growing companies

LVS Brokers has again made it to the annual FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies -list! LVS Brokers has been ranked as the 5th fastest growing fintech company in Europe, as well as the 5th…

The number one fintech company in the Technology Fast 50 -ranking

For the second time in a row, LVS Brokers was the number one fastest-growing fintech company in Finland in the Technology Fast 50 -ranking!  On the list as a whole LVS Brokers ranked at a…

Employee introduction: Recruiter Emilia

Name Emilia Ruohonen Job title Recruiter Emilia is our recruiter who is also taking over our HR related tasks. Emilia is a recent graduate from the Turku school of Economics, and the recruiter’s job is…

Recap of 2019 – Our biggest year yet

Now it’s time to look back on some of the biggest achievements and best moments of 2019, before turning our focus on the next year and start of a new decade! Hard work demands hard…

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