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Employee introduction: Software Developer Klaus


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November’s employee introduction: Software Developer Klaus

Name Klaus Mattila

Job title Software Developer

Klaus is one of LVS Broker’s software developers. His job description is focused on programming, especially in back end -programming. Klaus has also handled some front end -coding. He has graduated as an engineer of data processing from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, in the autumn of 2017. In his free-time Klaus enjoys the gym, cooking, and literature. He is also a keen anime-enthusiast, and he regularly visits different events in the field all around Finland. 

How long have you worked with LVS Brokers? 

  • I started here towards the end of May, so it’s been about six months now. 

How did you end up working with the company? 

  • I applied here by a recruiting company, and I passed their applying process. First they had some phone- and video interviews, after which I was able to meet the guys at LVS Brokers. 

What are the best things in your job?

  • One of the perks is that my skills and expertise have clearly already grown. The job assignments are fitted for my skill-level, but also give me some challenge. The work atmosphere here is also very relaxed and freed, so it’s easy to do my own work, and try out my boundaries. And as a junior you get your own time to properly finish things. It is important especially in the beginning situations. 

How LVS Brokers differs from other companies?

  • Especially with this freedom and relaxed atmosphere in the whole company. I have seen different bureaucracy jungles where the boss has been very strict with what the employees are doing and when everything is done. Working with LVS Brokers is notably more free and easy, and everything is still done in time. 

What would you like to say to people who consider applying to work with LVS Brokers?

  • You may want to acknowledge that with freedom comes also responsibility. So you have to know how to control yourself, and not abuse the freedom you are given. Especially for people who need more strict leading model and bureaucracy you need to know how to be in control yourself. You need to have the will to work, so you can focus on what you are doing. 

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