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LVS Brokers at DMEXCO event in Cologne


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LVS Brokers at DMEXCO event in Cologne

On 12-13.9.2018 the annual networking event DMEXCO was held in Cologne. LVS took part in the event, among with 40 000 other visitors and over 1 000 exhibitors. DMEXCO is a meeting place for everyone working in digital business, marketing, and innovations. The event brings together industry leaders and marketing and media professionals, along with tech and engineering pioneers. The event is organized annually and it gathers together a community of 40 000 visitors, 1 100 exhibitors, 500 speakers around the world every year.

The event focused on discussions and exhibitions on digital marketing, giving LVS Brokers a chance to grow its network, and digital marketing ideas. DMEXCO’s mission is to be the world’s leading digital marketing ecosystem. The event is a place where ideas become actions, and professionals from different areas become business partners.

DMEXCO has in its popularity set the standard for digital marketing events. It’s aim is to help businesses learn and be inspired to create and develop digital business further, in the hastily developing digital world.  The event is also a great opportunity to connect with everyone in the digital businesses community. By taking part in the event the visitors can be a part of witnessing tomorrow’s digital business.

Different dimensions of digital marketing, more than 35 categories, were presented between numerous market leaders, global players, and newcomers. DMEXCO helps organizations to expand their business, and test and experience products. The event is a great place to meet industry leaders, and discuss a range of digital topics with them, often leading into new business relations.

DMEXCO is in its nature an expo, but also a conference. This combination gives the event its unique nature in the world of digital marketing. LVS Brokers was happy to take part in the networking event, forging new links with numerous different business partners and getting to know new digital marketing ideas and innovations.

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