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The Money API


+5 000 000 000 €

loan application volume

500 000



financial institutions using the Money API

The API that
skyrockets your business

The API that
skyrockets your business

  • The Money API is designed to deliver new business in financial services. It’s an effortless yet secure way to connect to effective digital channels through a single interface.

  • The Money API connects financial service providers with risk-free customer acquisition channels.

  • The Money API enables digital publishers (e.g. online media companies) and e-commerce companies to monetize their traffic better.

  • Whether you’re a financial service provider or an online publisher, the Money API increases your efficiency and enables you to focus on your core business.

What can you do with the Money API and
what does it mean for your business?

For banks, lenders & insurers, the secure Money API increases the efficiency and reduces the risk of customer acquisition.

Our artificial intelligence IRMELI goes through all the incoming applications from various channels within a blink of an eye and filters you the most relevant applicants that match your customer profile and offering.

When your system has processed the application and given an offer, the Money API receives it and presents the offer to the customer. When the client has made their choice, they will be directed to your site to finish off the agreement, and the new customership is confirmed on both ends.

For digital publishers (e.g. online media companies) and e-commerce, the Money API enables you to monetize your traffic.

Connect to our powerful but smart LVS Brokerage Platform with the secure Money API. It delivers you new business by connecting you to more than 30 financial service providers.

Everything is easily available with a single integration so that you can forget painful and diverge organisation-specific integrations and developing the brokerage processes. Instead, new customers will be processed and conveyed within a blink of an eye by our advanced, self-learning AI called IRMELI.

Why is this important?

The Money API helps you to connect to a variety of digital channels and automate different parts in your business with a single integration. This integration will help you increase your efficiency and save time, which enables you to focus on your core business. Like it says in the name, the Money API is the API for financial services delivering new business through secure connections and different platforms.

With the Money API, our LVS Brokerage Platform is able to serve and connect the increasing amount of financial service providers with risk-free customer acquisition channels, such as, which is one of the most popular loan comparison sites in Finland. It also helps our platform to gain new customer acquisition channels, for example, by media companies or e-commerce wanting to monetize their traffic online by connecting to LVS Brokerage Platform.

Our partners

These represent some of the banks and lenders that LVS Brokers already works with. The number of lenders has already grown into 30+ banks and non-banking lenders in Europe, and we continue to seek out for more quality partners to work with in the future. In addition to these, we also work with a variety of insurance and electricity companies.
Fellow Finance
Bank Norwegian
Ferratum Money
Avida Finans
Collector Bank
GF Money
Komplett Bank
Nordax Bank
Resurs Bank

But… What is an API?

An API, or an application programming interface, allows platforms to connect with one another. This means you can, for example, connect your Facebook account to your website or use Siri on different apps. These connections are possible because they have been formed through an API, a standard way of making digital services better and more extensive by connecting them with each other.

The Money API works like a regular Open API, giving different systems a chance to connect and communicate. This not only helps to develop all the services worked through this interface, but also makes it easier for you to keep up with your business, and everything that is going on behind the scenes.

Sounds interesting! How can I get started?

Getting started is fairly straightforward and easy. It starts by connecting to us. Let us tell you more about the possibilities and advantages of using the Money API.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 876141.